I'm usually happier than this. promise.

I'm interested in people and places and the stories they have to tell. I listen By recording sounds and voices, walking and taking pictures.

I’m most interested in the unheard and overlooked in a place and finding the right ways of making those more visible. I put together a new story for people to experience - it might be through a performance, film or installation - or a mixture of all three.

My previous work includes telling the stories of hospital wards, closed rural schools, football fans, friendship, climate change and snack bars.

I sometimes work under my own name and sometimes as Storyworks (and never as Justin Timberlake, no matter how hard I try). It all depends on the project and the sort of storytelling it’s asking for and what feels right. When I’m Storyworks I work with Iain Peebles (he’s excellent) and other freelancers.

I do speak and work in Welsh too, and I will make a version of this site in Welsh in the future. I’m also going to add a section for field recordings and some voices. Something to look forward to right?!

If you’re wanting to know what years I worked in Kwik Save or how many GCSEs I have, this website won’t be much use, but feel free to ask me anything in an email.

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